7 July 2024 w/ Ensemble Nist-Nah, Studio D'En Haut, Nantes, FR.
12 July 2024 w/ Ensemble Nist-Nah, KM28, Berlin, DL
13 July 2024 w/ Ensemble Nist-Nah, KM28, Berlin, DL
14 July 2024 w/ Ensemble Nist-Nah, Asia and Pacific Museum, Warsaw, PL
15 July 2024 w/ Ensemble Nist-Nah, Kirtimų kultūros centras, Vilinus, LITH
16 July 2024 w/ Ensemble Nist-Nah, Garso kupolas, Vilinus, LITH
17 July 2024 w/ Ensemble Nist-Nah, Hanzas Perons, Riga, LATV
18 July 2024 w/ Ensemble Nist-Nah, Paavli Kultuurivabrik, Tallin, EE
19 July 2024 w/ Ensemble Nist-Nah, Tahmelan Huvila,Tampere, FI
20 July 2024 w/ Ensemble Nist-Nah, Odysseus Festival, Helsinki, FI
21 July 2024 w/ Ensemble Nist-Nah, Kulttuurilaiva, Porvoo, FI
28 August 2024 w/ Ensemble Nist-Nah, Boeschepe, FR.
29 August 2024 w/ Ensemble Nist-Nah, Meakusma Festival, Eupen, BL.
30 August 2024 w/ Ensemble Nist-Nah, Summer Bummer Festival, Antwerp, BL.
31 August 2024 w/ Ensemble Nist-Nah, abrique des Luddites, Chatte, FR.
1 September 2024 w/ Ensemble Nist-Nah, Le102, Grenoble, FR.



GAMELAN WORKSHOPS IN NANTES, we are organizing 4 Gamelan workshops, from April till July 2024, at the Studio D'en Haut in Nantes, which will be run by Nist-Nah members Mark Lockett, Arno Tukiman, Will Guthrie and Charles Dubois. Please get in touch if you wish to participate.

  • INFOLDINGS / DIFFRACTIONS, 2 x albums by Will Guthrie and Mark Fell have been reissued on 1 CD. Edition of 500 copies, featuring photography by Mark Fell. Mixed by Sasu Ripatti and mastered by Rashad Becker. INFO HERE .

  • ELECTRIC LIVE RAG, with Jean-Luc Guionnet is out now on LP & Download. Jean-Luc Guionnet - Electric Organ & Alto Sax Will Guthrie - Drums & Microphones. Released on Superpang records, Italy. Mixed & Mastered by Joe Talia / Good Mixture. Illustrations / Design - Jean-Luc Guionnet / Tony Lugo. GET IT HERE

  • BITS'N'BOBS, with Ensemble Nist-Nah is out now. 150 Tapes, all containing different material recorded between 2019 and 2022. Artwork by Charles Dubois. Riso Print at GrndZero, Lyon by Mamie Big Jeans, 150 different photos by all members of Nist-Nah. GET IT HERE

  • REGRESSION, with the Belgium group RAZEN is out now on the Marionette Label on 12” Vinyl (180g) & Download. Recorded in and around Brussels in 2020 with Brecht Ameel, Kim Delcour and Paul Garriau. GET IT HERE

  • ELDERS is the debut release from Ensemble Nist-Nah, a nine-piece percussion group led by Nantes-based Australian drummer and percussionist Will Guthrie. The diverse group of French musicians that make up Ensemble Nist-Nah – whose collective experience encompasses traditional Gamelan performance, contemporary composition, noise, jazz, and everything in between GET IT HERE

  • HILT, with Rudolf Eb.er is out now of Fragment Factory. Edition of 300 copies on black vinyl in printed inner sleeve. Dolls and photography by Alice Kemp. Artwork Layout by Rudolf Eb.er. GET IT HERE

  • New LIVE version of Oren Ambarchi's piece HUBRIS, recorded live at Oren's 50th brithday celebrations at Cafe Oto, London in 2019. Released on DL/LP Listen and get it HERE.

  • PEOPLE PLEASER PART II is out now on Kythibong Records. Get it on LP / DL HERE

  • New album ELECTRIC RAG with Jean-Luc Guionnet has been released on LP and DL, on Ali Buh Baeh Records / Editions Memoire. "The 8 titles of Electric Rag draw on their various experience in electronic music, free improvisation and experimental sound research, however the music is deeply rooted in their love of jazz, in its most potent, aggressive and antisocial form." GET IT HERE

  • ENSEMBLE NIST-NAH has a brand new website, click HERE for info, tour dates and all the rest.

  • NEW RELEASE with JAMES RUSHFORD. 'Real Real World' is the first collaborative effort from Nantes-based Australian drummer/percussionist Will Guthrie and Australian keyboardist/composer James Rushford. OUT NOW ON BLACK TRUFFLE.

  • Two new albums with MARK FELL, 'INFOLDINGS', and DIFFRACTIONS have been released on LP DL, on Nakid Records. Both pressed in edition of 500 copies pressed on clear vinyl, comes with printed inner sleeves featuring photography by Mark Fell. Mixed by Sasu Ripatti and mastered by Rashad Becker..

  • My radio tribute to the great Australian saxophonist, and leader of the Freeboppers, MARK SIMMONDS 1955-2020, is now online. Respects to friends and family, please listen and spread the word, some amazing unreleased music to check out with the likes of Chris Abrahams, Phil Treloar, Scott Tinkler etc ... LISTEN HERE

  • New album NIST-NAH has been released on LP, CD and DL, on Black Truffle Records. “..equally informed by Guthrie's interests in Indonesian Gamelan, free jazz, electro-acoustic music & diverse experimental music practices, exploring long tones, extended techniques & non-metered pulse creating a woozy, hypnotic, narcotic effect.”

  • NEW RELEASE. Necroscape is the 2nd album from Mike Patton and Anthony Pateras' modernist electro-acoustic rock proposition TETEMA. Joined by violinist Erkki Veltheim and drummer Will Guthrie in quartet formation, this record continues to employ the wayward orchestrations and arresting physicality of their 2014 debut Geocidal, yet is renewed by a melodic language which grounds it's multi-coloured twists and turns in hallucinatory lyricism. OUT NOW ON CD,LP,DL on Ipecac. LINK

  • VALE SEAN BAXTER 1970-2020. We are crushed by the terrible news of Sean's passing. The Melbourne (and all over) experimental / improvised / noise scene took a huge blow just a few days before the start of the confinement, with the passing of legendary drummer, noise artist, curator, DIY stalwart, lover and enthusiast for all things strange, fukkd and brutal Sean Baxter.
    I made a radio show of his music, with a few anecdotes, stories and quotes thrown in. LISTEN

  • Duo track with OREN AMBARCHI appears on the limited edition compilation cassette entitled THANKING YOU, compiled by Francis Plagne, LINK.

  • PODCAST INTERVIEW with Andrew Hartwig, for Porous Borders, from November 2019 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. LISTEN

  • Nous venons de trop loin pour oublier qui nous sommes … Oren Ambarchi and I contributed a large chunk from our CD Knotting, to the Installation / Exhibition by Emmanuelle Huynh & Jocelyn Cottencin. At LIFE, Centre d’art contemporain, Saint-Nazaire, FR until the 19th of January 2020.

  • STICKS, STONES & BREAKING BONES … 3rd and final cover for the remaining 70 copies of my solo, acoustic drums & percussion album from 2012. New and great cover, designed and screen printed by Marijke Loozen.

  • ENSEMBLE NIST-NAH - I’ve formed an ensemble, to play contemporary, experimental and exploratory works for Gamelan, drums and percussion … with Prune Becheau, Charles Dubois, Camille Emaille, Stephane Garin, Mark Lockett, Carla Pallone and Arno Tukiman. Album and Concerts to come in March 2020, Paris, Angers, Rezé, Brussels, Geneva ! More info soon ...

  • 2 new releases with collaborator Oren Ambarchi. KNOTTING is a live recording in duo, playing a rough interpretation of Oren's composition KNOTS. Released on CD on the Swiss label Some Fine Legacy, with a digital release available at KOMPACT.
    The other is a quartet with Oren, Mark Fell and Sam Shalabi, recorded in London in 2016, entitled OGLON DAY. Out on LP and DL on 33-33.

  • New tape release entitled SOME NASTY on the great label Hasana Editions, based in Bandung Indonesia. Some cut up electronics, Slim Slowdown doped out gong fuzz with first tentative at Gamelan coherence. Limited 100 copy run, get it while you can. Digital release also available on Bandcamp. More info HERE.

  • New duo project with dancer / choreographer Mette Ingvartsen. Entitled ALL AROUND we will premier at the Kaai Theatre in Brussels Belgium March 21 and 22, and also play SPRING Performing Arts Festival in Utrecht in Holland 23-25 of May. Info HERE.

  • HEN OGLEDD album out now... Strango poppy project by Richard Dawson, Rhodri Davies, Dawn Bothwell and Sally Pilkington. Album entitled 'MOGIC'. Drums on album by yours truly. LP and CD out now on Weird World / Domino. GET IT HERE

  • RETOUR DE JAVA - RADIO EMISSION sur JET FM avec le marveilleux Henri Landré au tour de mon voyage récente en Java Indonésie. Passage du musique Gamelan traditional, Jatilan, field recordings, et interview avec l’anthropologue Patrick Vanhoebrouck au tour de la musique et mysticism javanese. LISTEN / ECOUTER ICI
    3rd TAPE OUT NOW ! Third of a series of three tapes, entitled 'Le Havre' out now on the Indonesian label NOISE BOMBING. Drums recorded live at the Pied Nu Festival by the great Emmanuel Lalande. Extra percussion recorded at Studio H(I)ndre. Split release the Indonesian percussionist Gilang Damar Setiadi. GET IT HERE
    2nd TAPE OUT NOW ! Second of a series of three tapes, entitled '6 DAYS INTO 8' is out now on the excellent New York based mail-order and now label Careful Catalog. Recorded live in Osaka at environment 0g [ zero-gauge ] in February 2018, described at 'multiplying speedbag workouts, near anxiety inducing pattern weaving, circular blasts of thuggish gamelan, and quiet valleys of organic texture'. GET IT HERE!
    1st TAPE OUT NOW ! First of a series of three tapes, entitled 'DREAM SPINK' out now on Teen Dreams. Drums recorded by James Dunn live at Cafe OTO, London. Keyboards / percussion / voice recorded at home by WG. Artwork by Anton Gudkov. GET IT HERE
    The new CD entitled MOSQUITOES AND CRABS, with Korean noise artist Chulki Hong is OUT NOW. Released on Erstwhile Records. Recorded in Seoul in 2016 at Mullae Arts Center. Recorded mixed and mastered by Taku Unami. INFO HERE.
    RECORDINGS WITH HEN OGLEDD Album in the works with Hen Ogledd - Wacko pop(ish) space flunk with Richard Dawson, Rhodri Davies, Dawn Bothwell & Sally Pilkington. Made in Newcastle innit
    JAPAN SOLO TOUR, February 2018 hitting Tokyo x 3, Osaka x 2, Kobe, Nagoya and Fukuoka.
    EPIC EAST & SOUTH-EAST ASIA SOLO TOUR IN NOVEMBER 2017, hitting Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia, if you are close by or know those who are please pass on details. Special thanks to Marijke Loozen for the poster and Dhamra for helping set up many of the shows.
    DUO WITH ROSCOE MITCHELL - Absolutely delighted, humbled and honored to play three duo concerts with the great Roscoe Mitchell. Roscoe's music has been an enormous influence on me, continual food for thought for over 20 years since I was first introduced to his music via the Art Ensemble of Chicago. Tours, Brest and Nantes in October 2017
    THE AMES ROOM - NEW RELEASE ! New tape out now, on the French tape label FOUGERE MUSIQUE from your favorite number cruncher free jazz outfit. Mega limited edition cassette recorded in Berlin 2015 at the Mirror Mirror Festival, get it HERE.
    NEW RELEASES ! Long awaited tape out now by THE SOMMES ENSEMBLE with Pierre-Antoine Badaroux on alto sax, Maxime Petit on bass & Julien Desprez guitar. Recorded live on three different occasions in Europe. Limited edition cassette out now on Canadian label Small Scale Music, get it HERE
    Nasty new collab LP out now with french noize boy band CHEVAL RETRECCI with Japanese scream queen JUNKO. 250 copies only + 50 with original painting by Mikiko. Master by Lasse Marhaug. Get it HERE.
    Double sided cassette, side 1 AV2 (audio visual duo of Clinch and PierrePierrePierre), side 2 recorded live at Bitche, Nantes in 2015 with AV2 and yours truly on drums (WAV2). Beautiful hand made cover by Clinch, mega limited edition. Get it HERE.
    My new solo LP entitled PEOPLE PLEASER is out NOW on Black Truffle Records. Mixing drums, electronics, various field recordings, skate found sound and police interviews, kindly described by Oren Ambarchi as 'Lo-fi Metamkine meets J Dilla on crack'. Info HERE
    OUT OF PRINT solo records such as SPEAR, BUILDING BLOCKS & SPIKE(S), plus collaborations with Arek Gulbenkoglu, Greg Kingston, Ferran Fages, Mathew Earle & Adam Sussmann now available HERE at the new Bandcamp page.
    TETEMA makes it's live debut in January 2017 for the MOFO festival in Hobart Australia, line up is Mike Patton, Anthony Pateras, Erkki Veltheim & moi meme. Expect new recordings soon, our first album slipped under the radar for many, check it HERE.
    AVA MENDOZA / MAXIME PETIT / WILL GUTHRIE 7" out now on Ranch Jams (USA) & BeCoq (FR). First release by this epic trio with NYC based guitarist Ava Mendoza and regular partner in crime Lille bassist Maxime Petit. I have copies for 7 euros plus postage.
    OUT NOW - Oren Ambarchi - HUBRIS (editions mego)
    With Crys Cole, Mark Fell, Will Guthrie, Arto Lindsay, Jim O'Rourke, Konrad Sprenger, Joe Talia, Ricardo Villalobos, Keith Fullerton Whitman. LINK