SOLO - using various combinations of drums, percussion, amplification and electronics.

2013 - London, UK - recorded live at Cafe Oto by Mike Harding - unreleased.
A very recent live solo from Cafe Oto in London, day 5 into my UK tour ...

2012 - Recorded at Pied Nu, by Emmanuel Lalande, Le Havre, FR - from 'Sticks, Stones & Breaking Bones' - Co-released by antboy music, lespouricords, gaffer records & electric junk
With this piece I want to see what happens when the body is pushed to it’s physical limits. I wanted to try to play the drums like a machine, cold, brutal, inflexible and unstoppable, starting nearly always with the same banal like quarter notes, where one of the most clichéd drum figures (constant quarter notes) is mechanical and inhuman, but it is ultimately the very human physical limits that guide and direct this piece, how long it goes for, when change happens, and in which capacity.

I was filmed for a feature on Nantes based musicians in 2012, here it is
Will guthrie from KIDAM on Vimeo.

2009 - Brittany/Naonad - recorded by Miguel Constantino. Constructed in Naonad - from Spike(s) - Pica Disc
Side B of my 7" released on Pica Disc. I wanted to make 2 pieces, both 3 minutes each, using the same source material, being traditional music I ripped from various LPs of Music from Brittany, plus different recordings I made of percussion recorded by Miguel Constantino.
Will Guthrie-SPIKED-sideB from SPIKE(S) by Will Guthrie

2008-2010 - recorded/constructed at apo33, Nantes, FR - unreleased
Sculpting music with noise. Obsessive editing does not help ones social life. Composed at apo33 in 2008, reworked in 2010, this piece came out of my obsessive studio finding a pin in a hay stack spending 7 days on 9 seconds of music. In the same line as SPEAR and BODY & LIMBS still look to light.

2003 - Recorded at Wilkisound, by James Wilkinson, Melbourne AUS - from 'Building Blocks' - antboy music
My first solo CD using the studio as a musical tool, with many thanks to James Wilkinson. I learnt a lot in this long and sometimes frustrating process, which would lead to a bunch of painstakingly meticulous, somewhat perfection driven music.
Will Guthrie-Eleven by Will Guthrie

2001 - recorded by Richie Belkner, at Albert Studio, Sydney, AUS - unreleased
Australian instrument builder/artist/musician Rod Cooper kindly made me 'The Signet' to play in 2001. A sort of giant, resonating thumb piano made out of half of a 55 gallon drum, that was bowed, scratched, rubbed, scraped, vibrated ... Recorded at Alberts, the same beer and ciggies stinking King Cross' studio where AC-DC, Rose Tattoo and host of others made crushing aussi bogan rock !
Will Guthrie - playing the Sygnet by Rod Cooper - rec in Sydney 2001 by Richie Belkner by Will Guthrie

2008 - Photo by Angeline Evans
2003 - Photo by Greg Jenkins