* 'Ni maitre, Ni Marteau' w/ THYMOLPHTHALEIN - LP - (DeMEGO 015), 2009 - Basel

demego 015 / thymolphthalein
ni maître, ni marteau

Editions Mego present the first recorded works of Thymolphthalein, an electro-acoustic quintet led by Australian avant-garde synthesist, Anthony Pateras. All the music on 'Ni maître, Ni marteau' was performed live at SWR2 New Jazz Meeting, Gare Du Nord, Basel, 15th November, 2009, featuring Natasha Anderson "sculpting exquisite perceptual explorations" on contrabass recorder and electronics, leader Pateras melding his own distinctive prepared piano and analogue electronics, Will Guthrie providing faultlessly fluid percussion and homemade electro-acoustic devices, plus virtuosic prepared double bass by Australian Clayton Thomas and masterful live concrète manipulations from Jérôme Noetinger. Their combined performance is devastatingly attuned, a cataclysm of dynamic gestures executed with an expert timing and breathtaking invention making sure no two moments are repeated and all ideas are articulated with skill and finesse, while never resorting to freakout. These vinyl copies have been cut specially at a lower level to 45rpm pressing at Berlin's D&M to allow for the extreme frequency range of display.