* 'What's Left' w/ Ren Walters & Chris Bekker, CD - (listening02)
2007 - recorded live at Bennetts Lane, Melbourne, AUS, 11/09/2007
Ren Walters-Chris Bekker-Will Guthrie by Will Guthrie

I first met Ren around 1995 when I used to go on Monday nights to see his group TIP, at Bennetts Lane. I had also seen him play in various groups alongside the bassist David Tolley. I was studying improvisation / jazz at the Victorian College Of the Arts and not long after Ren started teaching there, taking his infamous 'Improvisation' classes where much to the horror of the jazz heads (students & teachers alike) it was basically a free for all for the one and a half hour long session. Nothing was said, you just rocked up a and played, with whoever was there. My memory is that a lot pretty bad music happened, but it opened the door to myself and like minded people of what was possible ...

2001 - Photo by Tim McNeilage