* 'Bridges' w/ Matthew Earle & Adam Sussmann, CD - (antboy-03), 2003 - Sydney
* 'Document 04' w/ Matthew Earle & Adam Sussmann, CDR - (document-04), 2003 - Melbourne

"On “Bridges”, Guthrie is joined by Matthew Earle (electronics) and Adam Sussmann (guitar, electronics). The atmosphere is somewhat sparser, a little more akin to what you might often hear emanating from the Japanese scene but still quite alive with multiple levels of detail and interaction. My closest comparison point might be groups headed up by Xavier Charles, he of the upended speakers with dancing objects thereupon. This trio is something of a high-medium-low configuration, with Earle spending much time in upper sine-based reaches, Guthrie supplying the earthier undertones and Sussmann making great use of the tense space left open in the middle. Not that it’s easy to tell who’s doing what. The trio accomplishes two essentials of improv: they’re pretty much seamless and their pieces last for exactly the right duration, never coming close to overstaying their welcome, indeed leaving the listener wanting just a bit more. They gurgle, hum and chitter with the naturalness of a bunch of loose change tossed into a clothes dryer. The pure luxuriousness of the soundfield is more than enough to sybaritically wallow; if anything, I might find myself desiring the occasional disruption, that small piece of grit thrown into the gears just to let us know that things aren’t that easy. But by and large, both of these discs are thoroughly enjoyable, very rich offerings causing Northern Hemispherians like myself to wonder what else I’ve been missing all this time."

Brian Olewnick - Bagatallen


"Adam Sussman and Matt Earle, as Stasis Duo, showed a different sensibility and a deep understanding of international trends in their Hammer and Tongs (CD, impermanent.recordings, 001, 2002). Their Document 04 release with Will Guthrie (CD, Document, document 04, 2003) captures the delicate balance of Sussman’s acoustic guitar, the bleeps and clicks from Earle’s empty sampler and the pared-back mechanical gestures Guthrie employs, creating a music that is spacious, calm and unpretentious. All of these CDs show that the Sydney scene is bursting with ideas, proactivity, skill and intergenerational exchange."

Experimental music : audio explorations in Australia
Chapter 7: Networks, playfulness and collectivity: Improv in Australia, 1972 -2007
by Jim Denley - edited by Gail Priest (UNSW Press; Sydney)