* 'SPEAR' - miniCDR - (antboy-05), 2005 - Nantes

SPEAR was composed in the studio to combine sound material from percussion, radio sine-waves, noise, electronics and cheap concrete-sound. It contains sound recorded in London, that recorded sound was then used in a live performance in Bologna and recorded, then chopped, combined, subtracted and added to in Nantes.


"Will (i)
ok , i'm looking to write in a us/australian (ugly) style

juste listen your music on Ant

i really like wat you do (sorry i'm not a cock sucker , it's just the fucking truth ) the cd you send me ( spear) is a full piece of energy and dynamic in a short time , not a long shit of poor noise like many people do actualy (i really love small pieces)

in generaly i totaly hate the "new noisist young generation" (are you ?)because they just do crap and artefact from stuff deja vue (so many clones of voice crack and otomo etc etc ..) and what ? nothing ...du vent
i'm not happy with improvisation (when i play) it's not my fucking tasse de tea (j'ai du mal ...)(exept when i improv with friends like sun plexus guys or other friends) but , composition with concret sound / noise stuff ..;oh yes this is the great stuff i like
but i like some of impro killer like definitely BORBETOMAGUS or Nihilist S Band, Albert Ayler Rudoph Grey ......
because they do (some are dead...) full luminous energy with no border or influence

looking to order all the records on AnTbOy, what is the creepy price
a bientot
borgito sneba B