2002 - 'Rose Coded' - solo - CDR - (antboy-01)
Recorded live at the What Is Music? festival, and the Make It Up Club 4th anniversery festival, Melbourne, AUS

Will Guthrie-edit-Lolped by Will Guthrie

My debut solo release, and the launch of my label Antboy Music. 2 improvised solos for drums, percussion, whistles, banjo, Rod Cooper bass instrument and objects etc.
Tim O'Dwyer launched one of the most terrifying questions of my life, would I like to do a solo concert at the upcoming MIUC festival, the first I had ever done with the exception of a short Coltrane/Elvin inspired solo at my close friend Shaheen Razmara's untimely funeral (RIP) in 1996.
The first solo from the Make It Up Club, I used an extended drumkit. As it turns out I wouldn't play another solo concert behind the drums until 2010. My ties to playing the drumkit in this context at this time was becoming too frustrating. I was stuck, boxed in by my technique, by what I knew and my history with the instrument, so for the second concert at What Is Music? I was done with the kit.
I set up on the floor, with a bass drum in front of me, and all the other percussion, objects etc surrounding the bass drum. I started using the bass drum as a sort of amplifier for the objects, placing them on the skin and playing them this way, also I started using Rod Cooper's home-made instruments, for this concert a 4 stringed bass object. I was listening to percussionists such as Eddie Prevost, at this time, but also a lot of Hans Reichel, Oren Ambarchi, Tony Buck, Roscoe Mitchell, people who made solo music that didn't sound like aimlessly wandering improv.
For me this concert was pretty clumsy, but a land mark concert for me moving forward.
It is also the first time I met Adam Sussmann and Matt Earle.