NEW BLOOD - Heavy Water - CD - (FATRAIN-04)
1999 - Recorded in Melbourne, AUS
w/ Adam Simmons & Ben Carr (saxophones)
New Blood-Low Pigs by Will Guthrie
New Blood-Cheap,Bad and Ugly-By Ben Carr by Will Guthrie
String-New Blood by Will Guthrie

I first met Adam Simmons and Ben Carr around 1996. Ben had just moved to Melbourne from Brisbane, and Adam and I had crossed paths many times. Adam played in Bucketrider, which was then a quartet with Tim O'Dwyer, Sean Baxter and Dave Brown, a punk jazz free grind group that was very influencial on me at the time. I remember Mark Shepherd taking me to see Bucketrider for the first time upstairs in a bar in the city, and me loosing my shit, I was well into Brotzmann, Last Exit, 60's free jazz etc ... but I had never heard anything like this live.
Adam and I had started playing as a duo, Ben and I also, so it made sense to bring these two together.
I really loved playing with both of them, Ben had a really beautiful, dry, harsh sound and he was rhythmically seriously advanced, that combined with Adam's energy and multi instrumentation made for some really interesting music. I was listening a lot to the Art Ensemble of Chicago, so I was bringing lots of bells, gongs, bits and pieces, Adam and Ben also played percussion at times.
New Blood played quite often at places like Bar Open, Empress Hotel, Planet Cafe, National Hotel (Geelong).
I always liked the recording we did, Adam really pushed to get it done (especially me who was pretty against the idea), so kudos to him ! The group continued with Joe Talia playing drums when I pulled myself out of the scene in 1999 and took a long break from playing music.